how we can visualize only one segment of a joint

I have DICOM image of the knee joint and it has Femur, Patella, Tibia, Fibula. But if I want to show only one part say Patella in the 3D view of Slicer, how can I do that?

You need to segment your volume. You can use Segment editor to do it manually/semi-automatically. Create separate segment for each part that you want to show/hide separately.

You can also find an example of a knee segmentation in the DataStore module (Atlas collection category / SPL Knee atlas):

Thank you so much for your reply.
We can segment each part separately but can we delete one part from the 3D view?

You can show/hide individual segments in a selected view by adjusting options in Segmentations module / Display / Advanced section.


So, I have segmented each part but I am not able to delete one or two particular bones.

Did you use Segment Editor module or Editor module?
Would you like to permanently delete a segment or just show/hide a segment?

I used the Editor module, not the Segment Editor.
I want to hide/show one segment from the 3D view. I couldn’t figure out how to show/hide that in Segmentation module. I don’t think there is any tutorial for that.
Could you please guide me through the steps if possible?
Thank you.

That’s the problem. The legacy Editor module is kept in Slicer for backward compatibility only. Use Segment Editor instead. You can import the labelmap created in the Editor module into a segmentation by using Segmentations module Import section.