Reminder that anyone interested in joining Project Week 28 in Gran Canaria should consider taking adavantage of the negotiated prices at the recommended hotels. Las Palmas GC receives many visitors, and prices could increase as Summer approaches. Both hotels are downtown, within a walking distance to the venue.

Offers valid until March 31 (Hotel Parque offers a second option, more expensive, if hired before April 30)

Just contact the hotels, and refer to the “NAMIC Workshop”

Hotel Parque:

Double room, breakfast included: 55€/night - Later, until April 30: 71€/night

Double room, single use, breakfast included: 51€/night - Later, until April 30: 66€/night

Hotel Iberia

Double room, breakfast included: 110€/night

Double room, single use, breakfast included: 95€/night

Additional Information about Project Week#28 is available here: