I can not find the "Slicer Radiomics" in 3D Slicer in my mac

I just downloaded 3D Slicer on my mac “Ventura 13.2.1”, but I am not able to find “SlicerRadiomics” in extension manager.
I downloaded both “stable” and “nightly” versions 5.4.0 and 5.5.0. but still unable to find this extension.

I am a beginner user of 3D Slicer and I would be appreciated if you can help me out how to add this extension.

me too
I can’t found radiomics in my 5.5 extension

The Radiomics extension installs and works for me with today’s windows preview build.

me too, when I click Radiomics, it’s empty in the interface, when I click RadiomicsCLI, it seems not what I want like the third image, anyone knows the solution?

If you are on a mac, it’s probably this:

Do you know how to solve this when using the Windows system? Thanks