I cannot find the Sandbox extension

Operating system: Windows 11
Slicer version: v4.11
Expected behavior: Find the sandbox extension
Actual behavior: I can’t find the sandbox extension, although all the others are existing.
I was wondering if there is any other way to download this extension.

The nightly build of Sandbox failed (a new feature was added yesterday and one required file was not added to the repository). The problem is now fixed, so it will be available again tomorrow. But if you need it right now then follow the instructions here.

I still can’t get it even if I followed the instructions, do you think there is another reason for this?

When I try to install it manually this is what I get.
Thank you for your help.
Screenshot 2022-02-05 002821

Try the latest preview release. | You are using the stable version now

It seems that you downloaded the content of the extension’s github repository. That is a zip file, but it is not an extension package. You cannot install that zip file in the extensions manager. You can build extension packages as described in the developer guide, but users don’t need to go through this process.

Users can install extensions by a few clicks from the extensions server as described here.

Thank you so much.
I tried the latest preview release, and I found the Sandbox extension finally.
Now I am having an issue with gel dosimetry analysis module, I can’t get the slicelets window to show (It is working perfectly in the previous release).
Screenshot 2022-02-15 003707

this is what I get whenever I try to show slicelets (gel dosimetry analysis)
Screenshot 2022-02-15 162134

The change from SetSliceIntersectionVisibility to SetIntersectingSlicesVisibility in ENH: Add interactive slice intersections widget · Slicer/Slicer@bc5d5b4 · GitHub may have been a more disruptive change than intended.

@lassoan @dgmato
Since it required an update to the script repository in the linked commit below, the old method name may have been frequently used in various scripts. Therefore it would probably be good to maintain the older method with some deprecation if we want to stick with this renamed method. I personally don’t think the new method name was necessary. However there is still the change from accessing the method from the slice composite node to now the slice display node.

The rename was very important to clarify its meaning. SliceIntersectionVisibility may refer to either “visibility of this slice in other slice views”, or “visibility of other slices in this slice view”. In the slice display node there is already a SliceIntersectionVisibility property (that specifies if this slice should be shown in other views) so we had to add a new property that specifies if slice intersections should be shown in this slice view.

I’ll see if there is a way to access the slice display node from the slice composite node, and if there is a way then I’ll add a method there (marked as deprecated) to allow some more time for developers to update their code instead of forcing them to update immediately.

So is there something I can do know or should I just wait for an update?

This particular issue will be fixed in tomorrow’s Slicer Preview Release. Let us know if something still does not work right.

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