Slicer extension installation

Dear support,

Currently I’ve tried to install a extension from GitHub for 3D slicer (GitHub - PerkLab/SlicerSkinMouldGenerator: 3D Slicer extension for generating 3D-printable skin moulds for radiation therapy). I have added the library path into module settings but I can’t find the extension app. It seems it doesn’t installed. Could you please guide me how to install it?
I’m using slicer version 11

Thank you

The extension was developed in 2015, therefore you need to use Slicer-4.5 or Slicer-4.6. Since then, Python, VTK, and Slicer API have changed considerably, but it should not be too hard to update the code to be compatible with latest Slicer release. It would be great if you could work on it and we can help if you have any specific question.

Dear lassoan

Right now I installed the 3D slicer 4.5. I could install the mentioned extension ( brachytherapy module) but I don’t have any idea how to use this. Have you tried to install and use this module?

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I have added this extension to slicer 5.7 but unable to use it, could you let me know how to launch it after installation