I meet some problems in 3D slicer documentation

Cameras — 3D Slicer documentation
I can’t find the selection “Create New View”.

This question has been torturing me.I’d apperaciate it if anyone can give me some help.

There seem to be a documentation bug, probably.

You can still create up to 3 3D views using the layout button :


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Thanks for your help.But if I need more 3d views,what should I do?

  1. Do you need more than three 3D views ?

  2. You may start another instance of Slicer and load the same data.

  3. You may consider using Python scripting, I only guess it should be possible.

  4. If that is beyond your skills, you may hire an expert to write specific code for that expectation.

  5. You may ask Slicer devs if they can consider adding this feature.

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Using custom layouts, you can have as many 3D views as you want. Here is some example code for creating a custom layout: Script repository — 3D Slicer documentation

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thanks,that really works