I want to analysis the bone using "bone texture" module, what should i do ?

I loaded the microCT DICOM data of bone sample to 3Dslicer. And i want to use the “bone texture” modules for analyzing the BM Features:BVTV\TbTh…but how to operate? i got some problem with the “input data " I chose the” input scan" and what’s the “input segmentation”? :face_with_thermometer:2806

Hi @neoture,

Here is a tutorial.


CC: @bpaniagua

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Oh! Thanks! It works:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Hi, Dear neoture
I am a doctor and recently I was looking for a Micro-CT(DICOM) of the knee joint of Mice, for Morphological Education. But nothing was found from internet. In this post, the picture seems to be a knee-joint by Micro-CT. And could you have a copy-sharing for me and my students. My Email:timeandoctor3@163.com.
And I would be appreciat if anyone can tell me something about a free download link of Mice by Micro-CT.
Li Zhenzhu,

do you know the bonetexture extension can analyze the BV/TV、tb.th tb.N?

These are available in this ITK module:

GitHub - InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKBoneMorphometry: ITK filters that quantify bone morphometry

but I do not believe they are available in Slicer, yet.