I want to count number of voxel/pixel

hi after segment i need to count number of pixel of hole and lattice when i click on segment statics there no any obsent to calculate volume and pixel

It looks like there is an error with the segment statistics module. It should not be empty. Are there any error messages in the python console?

then what i can do any suggestion for me

This is the next step. Please look in the Python console for red text. If you find it, copy paste it here.

i am new user where i can find python console

You can use this button

Or this menu that does the same thing

hello can any body help me to explain the parameter , which one is whole volume , i need volume of segmented structure and also overall volume, any body can help to explain these parameter

Please read the Segment Statistics module documentation: Segment statistics — 3D Slicer documentation

What is reported is the volume of the segmentation you generated. You need to define what “total volume” is (i.e., volume of the whole imaging grid, volume of the segmentation if the inside is filled etc)…

i read actually I want to calculate volume and number of pixel of both lattice ( wall) in segmented and also hole(air) in segmented image
i applied segment statics but result only gave lattice volume not air

Segment Statistics can only calculate statistics for the region you segmented. If you need the volume of air. You need to segment that as a separate structure.

Yeah I tried to segment but I did not can any one help me to segment air to volume of air

It is very simple, you just need to lower your threshold that will pick air, and make sure you that you donot overwrite the voxels already assigned to lattice.

The main issue, there is no enclosing area to limit the extend of air around lattice, it is continuous with outside. I would probably create ROI that spans the limits of lattice, and then use the local threshold to threshold only within that ROI.

i did get sir , what you mean

when i segment air from cubic , and also adjust threshold , but the segmented image of cubic like that i also attached , why segmentation of air include some parts of lattice ?
what is the reason behind this can anyone please told me

You need to create a new segment and set the editable area to outside of.segment_1 (which should be the lattice)

there is a lot of parameter . i need overall volume of air(segment2) and overall volume of lattice (segment1), which parameter i can take for volume in this data (volume LM) OR VOLUME CS.
I read documentation but i did not get .
can any one tell me please