Ignore nodes when placing fiducial?

Normally when you interactively place a fiducial in the 3D view, the cursor/placement fiducial jumps to the intersection point closest to the camera of whatever is visible. For example, let’s say I have a body with a skeleton. I have a segment for the skin and a segment for the bones. If I turn the opacity down for the skin so I can see the bones, then I try to place a fiducial/markup point on the bones, it will jump to the skin as it’s the point nearest to the camera that’s visible.

Is it possible to force placement to a single segment only, such that it will ignore all other segments? That is, for the above example, can I force intersection tests to only be on the bones and ignore the skin?



You cannot exclude individual segments from picking in 3D views, but you can exclude model nodes. After exporting your segmentation to model nodes (and hiding the segmentation) turn off Selectable property for the skin model by this command:

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Oh, excellent - that’s perfect.