IGSTK repository can't find for older version of slicer 4.8.1

I am trying to use webcams or NDI tracking device with my already built module in slicer. I need to build IGSTK. But I could n’t find the repository for IGSTK. I need that version of IGSTK that will compatible with slicer 4.8.1 version. I need the repository of IGSTK to build that for tracking.

Several of IGSTK’s functionalities are available in SlicerIGT and PLUS modules. IGSTK has not been updated for years. I strongly recommend migrating your application to use SlicerIGT and PLUS modules instead

Checkout some tutorial material including tracking device interfacing


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@Andinet_Enquobahrie thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I can not be able to add the “SlicerIGT” extension with my slicer 4.8.1 that I had built from the source.

If you build Slicer then you need to build all the extensions that you need. Once you have built Slicer, building extensions is very simple.

I had built SlicerIGT module in slicer 4.8.1. As shown in the tutorial that under IGT category, a new “Sequences” category would exist but in my case, there is no “sequences”.

Refer to the Slide right before the one you posted above. It says to install the following extensions “SlicerIGT” and “Sequences”. You probably haven’t built the Sequences extension and that is why it is not showing in the module browser.

Which version of “Sequence” I should build for slicer 4.8.1? What do you think?

See repository url and tag/branch/hash for all extensions for Slicer 4.8: https://github.com/Slicer/ExtensionsIndex/tree/4.8

If an extension fails to build, report it at the extension’s bugtracker. If you don’t get response then you can post the problem on this forum (in a new topic for each problem).