Images are not being displayed but are loaded as value changes when mouse is moved.

Operating system: Windows Server 2016
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior: To see images
Actual behavior:Displays black image
OpenGL: 4.6

Here are the specs about my computer:


Even though you cannot see the image, the image is loaded as the values change when I move my mouse around in the box where the image is displayed.

Is there a setting in Slicer that needs to be set or included in my path for the graphics to work correctly?


Medical images have typically much larger dynamic range than what could be displayed, therefore intensity window/level operation is performed automatically when loading a volume. The intensity window may be incorrect for extraordinary image content (e.g., there is a small but very bright region in the image). You can adjust window/level by left-mouse click-and-drag up/down/left-right; or using Volumes module). If you share an image then we can see if we can make the automatic window/level algorithm more robust.


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