Import CSO segmentation into Slicer

Dear 3D Slicer team,
I’m working with CSO files (contour segmentation objects) that have been extracted from other programs. In my case, the CSO files represent the segmentation of the pericardium. I’ve tried the suggestion provided by Slicer docs ( Import an existing segmentation from volume file, but it has failed with an error message “Error: Loading C:/Users/Desktop/patient.cso - load failed.”

Any suggestions on how to load these segmentations?
Thank you in advance.

What software produces these CSO files? Do you have a specification and example files that you can share? Are there any readers for it in Python or C++? If yes, then it should be easy to set up a reader for it in Slicer.

We don’t have a reader for that format in Slicer, but I’m sure MeVisLab can export the data in a format Slicer can use (nrrd, nii, etc).