Import DICOM files

Operating system: windows 7
Slicer version: 4.11.20200930

Hi slicers,

I want to load the dicom data from patient UID from DICOM database.
I have already the series seriesUIDs and now I want to get the same output as:

dicomWidget.detailsPopup.offerLoadables(seriesUIDs, ‘SeriesUIDList’)

But since I’m working with 3Dslicer version 4.11 I would like to know how I get that.
Any idea? I would really appreciate your help.

DICOM infrastructure has been greatly improved in Slicer-4.11 and you don’t need to use GUI widget classes to load DICOM data.

If you already have the series UID then you can load them like this:

from DICOMLib import DICOMUtils
loadedVolumeNodes = DICOMUtils.loadSeriesByUID(seriesUIDs)

You can find up-to-date examples for current Slicer version in the current script repository: