Import Folder Structure in Windows Explorer to Subject Hierarchy

Is there a way to import a bunch of models into the subject hierarchy while maintaining their folder structure? It would be nice to not have to manually create the folder structure in slicer.

Windows explorer:

Slicer Hierarchy:

To create subject hierarchy folders corresponding to location of files in the file system, right-click on an empty (white) area in the Subject hierarchy tree view and then choose “Create hierarchy from loaded directory structure”:

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You’ve come to the rescue once again Andras! I really cannot thank you enough.

I didn’t know if anybody ever used this after I implemented it years ago. Good to know someone does :slight_smile: It seems we keep it!

I’ve just pointed it out. It was @cpinter who implemented it.

We should make it easier to discover.

Thanks @cpinter! It’s hugely helpful. It would be nice if it was done automatically when one drags/drops a folder with many subfolders into slicer. The feature is a bit hidden.

I agree. I thought about this back then but don’t have a good solution for making it more accessibe.