import tensorflow from within Slicer python interactor causes crash

Hi All,

I build Slicer from trunk and pip_install(“tensorflow”) from python interactor within Slicer (Ctrl + 3).
Seems to be successful. Then I “import tensorflow”,but this crashes Slicer without detailed error message.

I tried this:
./Slicer --launch …/python-install/bin/python
Then in this python interpreter, I import tensorflow
And things are fine (no crashing)

But within Slicer it crashes.

Could I have any hint on the direction I should look into?

Thank you!


Importing tensorflow in Slicer GUI works fine on Windows (using a recent Slicer Preview Release - Slicer-4.11.0-2019-08-13).

What operating system and which Slicer version do you use? Do you have a stack trace of the crash? Have you pip-installed any other packages?

You may try to downgrade tensorflow or switch between GPU/CPU version.

Hi Andras,

I’m using Linux Mint 19.1 with gcc 7.3 with nightly Slicer (20190816)

I didn’t pip install other packages except those trigger by tensorflow.

I tried both GPU (tensorflow-gpu) and CPU versions and both crashes.

I don’t have crash trace yet. It just says :
./SlicerApp-real] exit abnormally - Report the problem.

How could I get the trace info?


I don’t know how to debug this on linux, hopefully others can help.

Alternatively, you can run your Python script as a CLI module. See example here.

Thank you Andras!

I’ll investigate the CLI python approach and update with you.


You could also generate a core dump and than open it with ddd (or gdb). While there are no debug info available within Release build, it should still provide some useful information.


Thanks Jc,

Will do this and report back soon.


Hi Andras,

In trying the python CLI, how could i assign the python environment I want Slicer to run my pythonCLI with? (Say my python exe is in /opt/anacondaGPU/bin/python)

Thanks for the advice!