Importing a binary nifti mask

Hi all,

I have an MR dataset and a related binary mask file, both in nifti format. I have the lh and rh 3d files from freesurfer that I am using to display in 3d alongside the 2d MR as slices. I was able to read the binary mask file using the labelmap option to see it overlaid on the MR slices but I am unable to view the binary mask in the 3D view. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Thank you,

In recent Slicer Preview Releases, you can load a nifti file as segmentation by selecting Description -> Segmentation in Add data dialog (in older Slicer releases, you need to load the nifti file as labelmap and then convert it to segmentation by right-clicking on it in Data module).

To show the segmentation in 3D, go to Segment Editor module and click “Show 3D” button.