Incongruence with some feautures

I am currently working on my MSc thesis in Mathematics, and I’m fairly new with PyRadiomics. I’m having some issues when extracting some features. I was comparing their output with the ones extracted using another software that was suggested to me (LIFEx), and I found some inconsistencies with the following: for the GLRLM Features

  • LGLRE,
  • HGLRE,
    and for the GLSZM Features
  • LGLZE,
  • HGLZE,
    I wondered if, perhaps, the formulas used were the same, but they seemed so. I can’t understand if I’m missing some obvious parameters’ settings, but again, I’m just starting using PyRadiomics.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me.

I’m not familiar with LIFEx, but all the formulas for pyradiomics are available as is the source code. It would be helpful if you are able to dig in and document any difference in the implementations.

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Note that this question was also posted on GitHub, and was answered here:

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