Inserting a unique Module to Pipeline Creator

Hello. Is there a way to insert unique module into the Pipeline Creator extension? Specifically, I would like to add Volume Clip With Model as a custom step in a pipeline. Thanks.

A timely question – check out the Slicer Pipelines update announcement just posted.

Terrific! Thanks so much for your reply.

A good example is probably how we added the Surface Toolbox pipeline steps.

To be able to add a new step you need to

  • Write a function that executes your functionality
  • add the @slicerpipelines decorator

See also the Pipelines Documentation you could even do this in the Python Console.

Any pipeline that you create though will need to be able to call the code that you wrote so you will also need to make it persistent within the slicer environment. Otherwise you would not be able to execute your pipeline after a new start. It should probably be added to the module that it is mainly utilizing. If that is not accessible you could probably add it to a custom module created via the Extension Wizard, or just add it to you You could add the function to the module that you created once it’s been stored.

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