Installer integrity check fail

Hello, i uploaded the picture for the error, pretty much the installer doesnt work and an error message saying installer integrity check fail comes out(NSIS error), i tried downloading both the stable release and the preview one but neither work, someone else had this problem or its probably a problem of my pc?

Thanks a lot for the attention


Verifying checksum

Windows installer is expected to have its checksum (SHA512) be:


Could you confirm the package you downloaded is not corrupted ?

To compute the checksum associated with the file you locally downloaded, here are the steps:

  1. Start power shell

  2. Adapt and run the following command:

Get-Filehash -path c:\path\to\Downloads\Slicer-5.2.1-win-amd64.exe -algorithm SHA512 | fl

Looking up expected checksum

Waiting we improve the download site to explicitly list the checksum, you may be able to identify the checksum of specific packages going to

For example, here is how to identify the checksum for Slicer-5.2.1-win-amd64.exe

  1. Go to

  2. Display item infos


Thaks you so much for your detailed answer, my first downloads were corrupted, i usually use an application for my downloads, and apparently it didn’t work for the installer of slicer, by using the browser to download(google) it worked, im sorry for the inconvenience, i never had this problem with the download app.