Installing a python package that is not supported by pip

Hello, I have a python script that uses Ezc3d library: GitHub - pyomeca/ezc3d: Easy to use C3D reader/writer for C++, Python and Matlab

I can’t use pip to install it on Slicer as it is not supported. I’ve installed it using Anaconda. Is it possible to make slicer use Anaconda interpreter ?

I tried to work around it by extending the search path to my anaconda environment but it doesn’t work.

Is there another way I can achieve this ?

Thank you very much for your time.

Anaconda is very opinionated, it makes many assumptions about how Python should work, so I don’t think anaconda packages would be compatible with Slicer’s Python environment. Also, Anaconda is a commercial product, so there could be licensing concerns about using packages in a completely free, restriction-free environment.

Since ezc3d is not a native Python package, it is not trivial to build it. I would suggest to submit an issue to the package’s GitHub repository asking for making it avaialble on PyPI. If you don’t get any response, then it could make sense to use a c3d package that is available on PyPI.

In general, if a Python package does not have wheels on PyPI then I would not recommend to rely on it, because most likely it has insufficient developer resources and/or community support for testing, troubleshooting, fixing bugs, etc. Also, such projects are usually maintained by a single person, and if that person loses interest, changes job, or hit by a bus, you need to switch to another package anyway. It is better to start with the right package in the first place.

Thank you for your prompt response