Installing pyamg package

When installing the pyamg package, I get the error RuntimeError: Unsupported compiler -- at least C++11 support is needed!.

OS: linux
Slicer Ver: 4.13.0

Any advice?

As you can see on PyPI, the pyamg 4.0 has wheels (binary install package) for all platforms. However, this 4.0 is 3 years old. There is a 4.1.0 version released 5 months ago, but it only has a single macOS wheel (that’s why your Python tries to build the package on your computer). It indicates that something is not entirely right with this package (not enough maintainers?), so I would recommend to check if it is is still active, quality is good, developers are responsive, etc. before investing too much time into learning to use it.

You can get started by installing the 4.0 release (that has wheels):


And if it looks promising then ask the developers to provide wheels for the current release.