Intersect segments stored in two different segmentations

Hello, I try to intersect two segmentations : tumor1 and tumor2, segmented from volume1 and volume2. I created a transform, 2to1, to overlay segment 2 on segment 1. How do I intersect these two segmentations?
Thank you in advance.

SegmentEditot ->Logical operators

I tried to use logical operators but I can’t do it with two different segmentations, and I need to keep them separated in order to save the transform. Moreover, I can’t seem to find the « multi select » in the segmentation module. I also tried CombineModels from the Sandbox extension but the python console says : error: bad shaped cells.
Does someone knows how to solve this?
Thank you for your replies.

You can copy segment(s) from a segmentation to another segmentation. Look at the Segmentation module.

You can do the followings to keep the original segmentation but still have a transformed copy of the other segment:

  • clone the segmentation (right-click on the segmentation in Data module and click Clone)
  • apply the same transform to the cloned segmentation as was applied to the original (right-click on the transformation column of the cloned segmentation and click on the appropriate transform)
  • harden the transformation (right-click on the transformation column of the cloned segmentation and click Harden transform)
  • drag the segment from the cloned segmentation to the other segmentation

If you need to do this many times then you can automate it with a couple lines of Python script (most likely ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot can generate the script).

thank you very much !