Is camera linking broken in 4.10.1?

I can’t seem to link cameras in dual view in 4.10.1
Choose Dual 3D layout
Switch to cameras module,
View1 choose create new camera
View2 choose camera_1 (or the newly created camera)
Go back to View1 and see that there is no camera selected anymore. This is the warning given:

Warning: In D:\D\S\Slicer-4101\Libs\MRML\Core\vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx, line 474

vtkMRMLCameraNode (00000221EC25DF60): SetActiveTag: vtkMRMLCameraNode3 found another node vtkMRMLCameraNode2 with the tag vtkMRMLViewNode2

You can link cameras by clicking “Link/unlink…” button in the 3D view controller.


I think camera linking by choosing the same camera in multiple views was an unintended side effect (maybe even a bug), because one camera is supposed to be linked with one view.

Thanks! So, I was using a bug as a feature, huh.

I tried the link, rotations and pans work fine, but not the zoom. Is that also intended?