Is it possible to change to Dark Mode Style by code?

I want to put my SlicerCustomApp in Dark Mode by default.
I´m looking for it in the forum and in API but I can´t get it…
What is the CmakeList parameter to add? Should be possible to add it to a module instead?
Thanks in advance!

You can define default settings for existing Slicer settings in your custom application’s settings file:

If I open Slicer go to Edit->Application Settings->Appearance->Style and change it from “Slicer” to “Dark Slicer” you will then notice in the user settings file (%AppData%\\SonoEQ.ini), that it will have something like the following section:

Style=Dark Slicer

If you add the same entry into your custom application’s DefaultSettings.ini, that should define it as the new default.


Hi @jamesobutler.

I´ve compile CustomSlicer over the night with this change in DefaultSettings.ini but I´m still doing something wrong.

MyCustomSlicer.ini is located in:

C:\USERS\USER\AppData\Roaming\MyCustomCompanuy(I changed Kitware)\MyCustomSlicer.ini

For my surprise,


Is there any other config parameter I miss?

Try to forgive me…
As MyCustomSlicer was previosly compiled, I have to delete the existing MyCustomSlicer.ini… My mistake.
I leave the comment to prevent other users not to have same trouble,

Thanks again…

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