Is it possible to show Markups PropertiesLabel in 2D but not 3D?

Hello, I find the new MarkupsCurve “PropertiesLabel” handy in 2D, but find that it clutters up my 3D view (where I have other labels) and there’s more overlap. Is it possible to show these labels in slice views but not the 3D view? I know that it is possible to hide the markups curve in just the 3D view by unchecking “View1” in the “Advanced” section of the Display section of the Markups module, but this makes the curve and control points disappear from the 3D view. Ideally, I’d like control of just the PropertiesLabel.

You can remove 3D views from the first display node; and add a second display node with all the slice views removed. This way you can set all display properties separately in the two view types. Only the first display node can be edited in the Markups module GUI.

We plan to allow manual repositoning of the labels repositionable. Would that fix the issue?

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Thanks @lassoan, a second display node should work perfectly for me, I didn’t realize that was possible, and might be a good solution for some other use cases too.

An option for manual repositioning would be great in general, but would not solve my problem in this case. I am generating a standard set of screenshots for stereo EEG electrodes and the whole goal is to automate that process as much as possible, so manually repositioning labels would be too time consuming. In general, on those shots, the more labels on slice views, the better, but on the 3D views, I already have custom labels which are located more out of the way (at the entry end of the electrodes), so the PropertiesLabels are duplicates and more obscuring. In addition to standard screenshots, I also often generate more curated shots to illustrate something specific, with more care taken to decide exactly what is shown in each shot. For those cases, I would definitely use manual label repositioning if it were available.