Is there a module to help localize lesions?

Operating system:
Slicer version:5.4.0
Expected behavior:
I would like to pinpoint the location of the lesion by 3Dslicer. It is OK to only locate in the lobes of the brain, here are the steps I envisioned

  1. Prepare a normal anatomical template and align the patient’s skull to the normal template.

  2. Sketch the location of the lesion on the aligned cranium.

  3. Overlap the mask of the lesion with the mask on the normal cranial template, and compare the size of the lesion in different locations (volume or percentage or other indicators that can be compared ).

  4. Determine the location of the tumor based on comparation.

Actual behavior:

  1. The cranial and lesion edges after alignment are not clear, and localization may be shifted

  2. No module or method can be found to realize the step 4 above

For the above reasons I would like to know if the steps I envisioned are feasible, and I’m hoping any experienced 3Dslicer users can give me some advice on whether or not to tweak the steps of the implementation, or recommend some modules or tutorials, thanks.