Is there a way to record full log of actions?

I am using several modules and I want to recreate the procedure used but I cant find a proper way to log everything. Some modules simply dont give any useful information. The only logged information currently are warnings and errors, but I know there is info, it is just not used.

Example: I select the segment Editor module, then I select Pant brush. I expect the info to show Segment Editor: Selected Paint Brush.

Where can I change the info verbosity??

It is of course not possible to log “everything”, but I agree that it would be nice to log more user actions. Pull requests are welcome!

From what I understand from your questions above, logging would not be useful for you, because you know what buttons you press, etc. Probably you would need a macro recorder instead.

You can already record and replay most GUI actions using QtTesting. Usually it is a bit too low level for general purpose usage, but you can give it a try. Enable QtTesting in Application settings and use Edit / Record/Play macro.

You can record all state changes of MRML nodes using Sequences extension, but it only records result of actions, so you cannot apply them to a new node.

If you want to automate a segmentation process, then you can find several examples in the script repository.

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Yes, this did the trick!!