Issue working on cropped volume

when i crop volume i have the issue of including part of the cropped area

so i end up with this segment

any idea how can i get rid of this issue ?

The segmentation extents and resolution are defined by the first selected master volume. You selected the full volume first, which was larger than the cropped volume. When you switched to the cropped volume as master the region of the segmentation that was outside the image assigned 0 intensity value by default, so that’s why thresholding with [-23; 32700] highlighted it.

An easy fix is to delete the segmentation node and create a new one, for that you choose the cropped volume as first master node.

I’ve also made a small fix in the Segment Editor, so by default a cropped volume is padded not with 0 anymore but with the value that is found in the image corners (in a CT image it is typically around -1000). This fix is available in Slicer Preview Releases downloaded tomorrow or later.