Issues loading own nrrd file into SlicerWeb Jupyter(Binder tutorial)


I am trying to load my own nrrd file to be able to manipulate a volume rendering through the slicerweb notebook extension that runs on jupyter.

I am trying to change this example code given on this tutorial:

But when I change the download url, and filename to my own github link, I get stuck at the nodeNames attribute and list index. I keep getting an error message saying “list index out of range” but when I check the nrrd file on my downloaded slicer version, there is a volume node present when I check the volume rendering module. Is there a specific renaming or something I have to do in this module before I save my nrrd file for this to work?

Can you post the code snippet that does not work?

Hello Iassoan, thanks for the quick reply. After trying around the solution ended up being changing the volume node name and nrrd filename, I guess I was using special characters which didn’t want to work.

Thanks again!

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