It´s possible to open vtk in another program

I’m wondering if I can open the vtk files in another program if so which one?

Many software can read VTK files. Supported file formats should not be a big decisive factor, though. If you find a software that does what you need, you’ll find a way to get your data in a readable format. What would you like to do?

I just want to open my vtk in other software and combine some of 3d models in ones

You don’t need to use a third-party software for combining models. You can combine and edit models using Segment Editor or Dynamic modeler modules.

However, if there are mesh editing operations that you don’t find it easy to do in Slicer then you can use MeshMixer (simple to use yet it contains a number of nice mesh editing features) or Blender (very complex but it can do everything that can be done in 3D modeling). They can import STL, PLY, OBJ files that you export from Slicer.

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how can i export a STL,PLY or OBJ frome Slicer?
this there are tab for this format?

I found it sorry
I’m just checking for coding this command thanks