Itk Filters in 3D slicer

how can I use itk filters in 3D slicer. I’d like to know how can i use ITK package inside my c++ loadable module for 3d Slicer 4.10. How can I import it in 3d slicer

Thank’s in advance

Lots of Slicer components use ITK. You can have a look at modules in Modules\CLI or Libs\vtkITK library for examples.

I have checked the both folders but I don’t find the ITK filters that i want apply. However I find ITK-build folder with ITK solution.

I want use the following ITK filters in a c++ loadable module : itk::BinaryFillholeImageFilter and *itkBinaryContourImageFilter . what I must do to be able to add :
*#include <itkBinaryContourImageFilter.h> and
#include “itkBinaryFillholeImageFilter.h” in my c++ loadable module.

Thank’s in advance

I just find. json files and not .h files “includes”

Slicer downloads and builds entire ITK. You can include ITK headers and link ITK libraries to your modules as shown in the examples I linked above.

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