ITK Simple Filters SubtractImageFilter


I am trying to replicate the effect of CT angiography by creating a subtraction from two DICOM stacks. One is a mask, which is a CT without contrast injected into the patients arteries. The other is a fill, which is the same image (ideally) but with contrast.

I think I should be able to use ITK Simple Filter’s “SubtractImageFilter” to create a subtraction from these two scans. Initially, the status in the bottom right of the parameters field says “idle.” Then, I put my scans in as inputs (I have tried both orders) and a new volume as the output. I click apply and a popup says:

Exception before execution of SubtractImageFilter
<class ‘slicer.util.MRMLNodeNotFoundException’>

After this attempt, the status says “exception” for all of the ITK filters.

How can I fix this? Other than scripting, are there any free alternatives that will allow me to create subtractions?


I could not reproduce this error. Could you please upload the application log (menu: Help / Report a bug) somewhere and post the link here?