Knee bones segmentation

Hello everyone!!

Needing your support. I am trying to segment a femur bone from a knee MRI data but when i finish the segmentation editing and clique apply. the program freezes and then it shut down.

Am i doing it wrong? Can someone support me pllllease

Do you use latest nightly Slicer version? Do you use the old Editor module or the new Segment Editor module?

I use operation system: windows 7 professional 64 bits
Slicer version :4.6.2
MRI data of the knee and trying to segment the knee bones: femur and tibia
and fibula. These are the results i could get using Editor paint effect and
model maker. do you think I can get better results using different
segmentation method???

Hi Hanaa,

Please use a more recent nightly version of the Slicer and try the segment editor to do your segmentation. From the snapshots (are those from Slicer?) you sent, it looks like you still need to play a bit more with your intensity ranges to cut out the noise. You can also use the scissors tools to remove dangling parts and then run a smoothing filter to get a nicer looking surface.

All of these are available within the new Segment editor module.