Label maps on segment editor

Hello, I am drawing volumes of interest on masses on multiple different phases of contrast on MRIs. I am drawing the VOIs with segment editor and then performing texture measures with radiomics. After I have finished this, I am uploading the VOIs and mask saved in ANALYZE format to a different (non-3d slicer program) to perform a different kind of analysis. However, I am unsure what constitutes the VOIs–would it be the segmentations or the label maps?. Thank you very much.

If you need good compatibility with other software and there are no overlapping segments then I would recommend to export your segmentation to labelmap (in Data module, right-click on your segmentation node and click “Export visible segments to binary labelmap”) and save the labelmap as a .nrrd, .mha, or, .nii file.

Hi Lassoan, I was trying to save the labelmap, but after right clicking, there is only a choice of export as DICOM. how did you save it as other files?

Use menu: File / Save to save data to files.

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