Let me know how to set MONAI Label server in MONAI Label module

Hello. All members of 3D-Slicer

I have a question for setting of MONAI Label module in 3D-Slicer.

What should I input in ‘MONAI Label server’ option as following image? (I have no local IP address, I’m using wifi.)

Please, let me know how to input accurate MONAI Label server.

You will need to install and run MONAI Label itself on your local computer (see here → Installation) or collaborate with somebody who provides a MONAI Label server and tells you the IP address that you could connect to.

To fetch the active MONAI Label models you would need to press the green button in your above image.

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Thank you for answering my question.

When I input ‘http://localhost:8000/’ in input item of MONAI Label server. It occurs error as following image.

3d-slicer MONAI_Label Error

Is there the solution?

From your response it is not clear whether you have started MonaiLabel server or not? What happens when you type that address to a web browser?

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@muratmaga Thank you answering my question. When I input my address(http://localhost:8000) in my web browser, It occurs error that couldn’t connect in web browser.

looks like you didn’t start the monaiLabel server. Follow the installation instructions as @rbumm pointed out.

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Yes. I installed MONAI Label plugin as you and others inform installation instruction.

I conducted in 3d-slicer mode as follows.

Installing MONAILabel Plugin

Pick one of the following options to install MONAILabel Plugin for 3D Slicer

Install 3D Slicer Preview Version with in-built Plugin

  • Download and Install 3D Slicer Preview version
  • Go to ViewExtension ManagerActive LearningMONAI Label
  • Install MONAI Label plugin
  • Restart 3D Slicer

To update the plugin to latest version, you have to uninstall existing 3D Slicer version and download + install new preview version of 3D Slicer again.

Install Plugin in Developer Mode

  • git clone git@github.com:Project-MONAI/MONAILabel.git
  • Open 3D Slicer: Go to EditApplication SettingsModulesAdditional Module Paths
  • Add New Module Path: <FULL_PATH>/plugins/slicer/MONAILabel
  • Restart 3D Slicer

Plugin Settings

User can change some default behavior for the plugin. Go to EditApplication SettingsMONAI Label

I was done installation and MONAI Label setting.

When I input sever address that is “http://localhost:8000”, It occurs error as it is same error above.

And I input my address(http://localhost:8000) in my web browser again, but it also occurs error.

Please, inform me regarding how to set MONAI Label server and check available port number in MONAI server.

Dear Platanus :slight_smile:

Please understand that it is not enough to just install the MONAI Label extension. You will need a server, either locally - on your computer, or remotely, on the internet.

Option 1 (local) :
You install the complete MONAI Label software package and server on your local computer.
Please refer to the MONAI Label GitHub Page or this document on how to do that. The computer needs to have a medium to high-end Nvidia GPU.

Then you would need to run the server from the command line, only then start 3D Slicer and use the MONAI Label extension by just pressing the green button mentioned above, without putting anything in the address line.

Option 2 (internet):
You have a coworker who provides a MONAI Label server. Then start 3D Slicer, call the MONAI Label extension, enter the IP address that your coworker tells you, and only then press the green button.

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Thank you for answering details.

I conducted process as you had said.

First, I finished setting of IP address in my local pc.
Second, I conducted process regarding setting of MONAI Label sever that you linked above.

After setting IP address in my local PC and installing MONAI Label software package, I tested ‘localhost’ in web browser. But it occurs error message that is “localhost refused to connect.” in web browser. It also occurs error in 3D-Slicer as follow.

In case the installation of MONAI Label outlined above succeeded, you should be able to start the MONAI Label server in a PowerShell (Windows 11) and connect from Slicer 5.1 as follows:

The procedure is similar on Mac or Linux.

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Thank you for answering details to me.

I could solve above problem because of @rbumm @muratmaga.

Thank you very much again.

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