License badge in 3D Slicer and related repositories `README` files


I was about to add a License badge to the README files of some of our 3D Slicer-related repositories that use exactly the same license as 3D Slicer, and was
going to do the same for 3D Slicer as I see that the badge is not displayed.

However, some concerns were raised about the shield,
License: BSD

as the 3D Slicer license text may be a customized version of BSD, so the shield, or maybe the “BSD” text itself, may not be appropriate.

What are the thoughts about this? Maybe a custom text in the shield
(e.g. BSD style) would be faithful enough for the license type?


You can read some background here: About 3D Slicer — 3D Slicer documentation

For context, you may be interested in reading the following.

To help with this, we discussed submitting the Slicer license so that it is added to the SPDX license list.

This should then allow us to move forward with having the license detected by GitHub, which in turn should allow to automatically generate a badge.

OK. Thanks for the answers, Steve and JC. Have gone through the information in the links pointed. It has been informative.

Thanks for all this work, and thanks @jcfr for having submitted the request yesterday to the SPDX list