Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) badge

Working on cleanup the Slicer openhub

we ended up creating Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) badge.



JC, thank you for doing this, and for sharing the information about CII. I didn’t know about it, and it is a very interesting initiative indeed. It is nice that they organized all those items. But it does look like filling it out would require significant effort!

I just have few comments

3D Slicer software is distributed under a BSD-style open source license

We had a discussion about this before with @mhalle, @pieper, @rkikinis et al - the sentence above is somewhat misleading. The fact of a matter is that Slicer license is not a BSD license. There is no such thing as “BSD-style license”.

How about “3D Slicer software is distributed under a permissive open source license that permits academic and commercial reuse of the source code”, or something along those lines?

These URLs are not accessible to me, even after logging into Mantis. It probably makes sense to only refer to the publicly available resources.

It is SUGGESTED that the test suite cover most (or ideally all) the code branches, input fields, and functionality. - Met

We don’t test coverage routinely - do we have any evidence this is the case?

What do you think is the proper way to address security vulnerabilities, static/dynamic analysis?

Thanks for letting me know this, I have managed to make a badge for my extension too:

CII Best Practices