Link on documention does not work

Hello Y’all,
I just wanted to point out the a link in the webpage here done not work. The link is in the custom LUT section in the second bullet-point for creating a custom LUT.

Thank you

The page you have found is for a much older version of Slicer (Slicer-4.1, from many years ago). We’ve put a banner at the top of the page to redirect to the new documentation page, but maybe it was easy to miss.

Have you noticed the banner at the top of the page?
Are you writing because you have not found the information you need on the new documentation site?
What is the specific information you are looking for (creating a new LUT file, creating a new color node in a Python script, …)?

I believe @aaron.b.tanenbaum was referring to this link which may not be valid anymore:

I passed the info on to Mike so it can either be fixed or the link can be removed.

Thank you for responding. I did not notice the banner until now. I will be reviewing the newer documentation at a later time. I was writing because a link on the page did not word as Steve pointed out. But looks like you guys are on top of it now.