Link OpenIGTLink to 3D Slicer

Operating system: Window 10
Slicer version:4.10.0
Expected behavior: 3D Slicer viewer should recognizer OpenIGTLink IF
Actual behavior: I didn’t get the connectors setting interface

The following remark in the document is no clear :

The OpenIGTLink IF module requires The OpenIGTLink Library. The library is downloaded and built in Slicer3-lib directory automatically when you run Slicer3/Script/getbuildtest.tcl.

The 3D Current version doesn’t have Slicer3-lib directory. I manage to build the library. OpenIGTLink.dll also igtlutil.dll OpenIGTLink.lib
The executable file : igtlSocketTest.exe was not exited in the build products.
Do I really need it.

With modern Slicer you can get the OpenIGTLink extension: