Linking viewers not working

Hello. I’m using 4.8.1. Trying to follow the Data Loading tutorial.
I link the three viewers together, but the eye function is not linked.
Cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Does it work for others?
Thank you

Yes it works for me. If you click the link button in any of the viewers and then click the eye icon in any of them, then all three slice views should be shown/hidden in the 3D view at the same time.

It’s hard to imagine that this doesn’t work in 4.8.1, as the release is almost a year old, and we would have definitely heard about such a basic feature being broke. Same goes for your model opacity question. Even though you use Linux from a VM on Windows, these basic features should work.

If you still cannot get them functioning, then please capture a video and post it in the forum. Thanks.