Load nii volumes from 3d Slicer to Matlab

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 3D Slicer
Expected behavior: Get the same volumes with the same absolute position in world coordinates from 3d Slicer in Matlab
Actual behavior: Get a slight position difference in world coordinates from 3d Slicer in Matlab

I loaded 2 nifti volumes on 3d Slicer and on Matlab. I tried to get the same world coordinates in Matlab as 3dSlicer.
When visualising volume 1 and volume 2 in world coordinates with matlab I have a slight diffrence in positions.
How to load in world coordinates nii volumes on Maltab ?

Code used below
Code :
% Referential where data are loaded
Rref = imref3d([800 800 400],[-200 200],[-200 200],[-100 100]);

% Load volume 1 from 3d Slicer in Referential Rref
Vol1=permute(Vol1,[2 1 3]);

% Load volume 2 from 3d Slicer in Referential Rref
Vol2=permute(Vol2,[2 1 3]);

Volumes on Slicer
Volumes on Matlab

Nifti is a highly problematic file format with lots of complexities and ambiguities.

I would recommend to save in NRRD file format instead and read/write in Matlab using nrrdread.m and nrrdwrite.m - see here.