Local threshold no longer works

On latest Slicer preview in Linux, nothing happens in the slice views after selecting ‘Local threshold’ in the ‘Segment editor’. My oldest build is 5.7.0-2024-02-29 r32739 / c7fe865 where it does not work either. The result is the same under X11 or Wayland. No particular error message can be read.
The other effects of ‘SegmentEditorExtraEffects’ do not have issues.

Can someone confirm this is an issue?

Thank you.

To confirm, the issue is that the preview does not show up?

I just tested on Windows, and while I can’t see the preview, CTRL + click still added the region to the segment.

It could be that there was an update in the base threshold effect that broke the local threshold. I’ll take a look at it.

Yes, there is no preview.

Yes, it the specified threshold range, manually.

Probably, thanks for having a look.

I reported because it came as a surprise; I don’t use it very often and there are alternatives.