Location of "SlicerRadiomics" output in 3D Slicer

I’m a new user of 3D slicer and my goal is to extract radiomic features using the “SlicerRadiomics” extension. I don’t know where the output table for these features is being saved. As you can see in the screenshot, I have the segmentation selected, all features checked, and output table set to “whereami”. Clicking apply seems to do something, but I cannot control nor do I know where the radiomic features are going?

Note I’m using 3D slicer on a Mac and I don’t know where the

They should appear in the table on the lower right of the display (the column headers are there but the rows are empty). Check the application logs (Help->Report a bug menu) to see if there’s an indication why it didn’t complete.

Thanks!, I checked the logs and the error is this: “ValueError: Error reading mask Filepath or SimpleITK object”

Check that your temporary directory exists (or create a new one). Sometimes an OS upgrade or other system operation can invalidate the directory.