Lung vessels model

I segmented lung vessels model by using 3d slicer but the problem is that i want to print this model but vessels are connected to each other , what i can do there is any other way to do. please help me struck in my research project .

Why is it a problem that vessels are connected to each other? Can you attach a few screenshots to illustrate?

sorry typing error i wrote connect , but actually vessels are not connected to each other when i print the 3d lung vessels model due to a lot support material during printing , so it is impossible to clean the vessels from support material with out affect to vessels . so what i can do now . my project to lung phantom construction i want to put lung vessels in model .
i also upload my segmented vessels and also vessels during printing with support.
your help very helpful for me

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You can reduce surface smoothing or use Margin effect to connect more vessels. You can then use Islands effect to see what vessel segments are not connected and manually connect them (or further decrease smoothing or increase thickness of all vessels).

In which software I can use surface smoothing and margin effect ?
Can you please mention any software or it is present in 3d slicer

Thank you so much

These are all in 3D Slicer’s Segment Editor module.

Surface smoothing is a slider of the Show 3D button’s dropdown menu. Margin effect.

You can find Margin effect in the toolbar in the module panel on the left. Since the minimum size to expand is limited by the resolution of the segmentation’s internal labelmap representation, it may be useful to increase that resolution as described here.