Making the 'Help' tab as the default tab to open

I have this strange issue. I need the Help section of the ‘Help and Acknowledgement’ tab to be the default tab to show. I can manually click the help, but when I open a new slicer, this always goes back displaying Acknowledgement tab.

Is there a persistent setting to modify this behavior?

There’s no current persistent setting for this, at least not that I know of. But it would be easy enough to set in a

This should do it:

findChildren(name="HelpAcknowledgementTabWidget")[0].currentIndex = 0

I think it would be better to always make the Help tab the default. Acknowledgement information is much less frequently needed. Probably it was the original intent, too, because Help is the first tab and Acknowledgement is the second tab.


I agree that this should be default behavior.

Yes, that would be an easy change.

It’s here if anyone wants to take it on:

Here you go I co-authored you @pieper!