Margin tool stopped reporting the pixel units

In about a month ago, Margin tool used to have a field that converted margins to actual pixel based on the voxel dimension:

This now disappeared, which is sort of a big deal for our use cases with sub-millimeter voxel sizes:


The actual size is still reported, below the spinbox:

Do you miss the size in pixels?

Yes, because the memory consumption seems to be tied into the how big the margin is, and it is sort uninformative just to have the millimeters…

Execution time used to depend on margin size in pixels, but this should not be the case anymore.

Regardless, we could still add display of margin size in pixels. @Sunderlandkyl, could you add this (just in parentheses after the mm values; in Margin, Hollow, Smoothing effects)?

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The margin size in pixels should now be displayed in the latest release.