Markup module and Cyrillic charset

Hello! I tried to set a Cyrillic text as control point name in Markups module but this text didn’t visualize on the slice.

Is it possible to visualize Cyrillic symbols on slices in 3D Slicer?

Regards, Grigoriy Postolskiy, software developer.

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There has been a lot of improvement for localization since 5.0.3. Can you try with the latest stable (5.4.0) and report back.

The same situation with Slicer 5.4.0:

Slicer uses Qt for the UI, which is more internationalized. The 3D and Slice views use VTK. Perhaps you can investigate if VTK’s font rendering supports Cyrillic. It’s possible we haven’t enabled it.

The font file included with Slicer by default only supports a limited set of unicode characters. If you install LanguagePacks extension and you update any translations using Language Tools module then the module also installs the “Noto” font, which should display all Cyrillic characters correctly.

For example, with default font:

After Languate Tools module installed Noto font:

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