Mask Ultrasound Volume Vector

Hello! I saw this video:

Originally, the ultrasound image has some numbers and information on it, however in slicer only the ultrasound image can be seen.

Right now I have a vector volume from a stream, and I want to mask the number part.

I have been trying to accomplish that using the segmentation tool but I can’t find the right way to do it…

Once I have the area I want to work with, is there any way to save it as a mask and add it to PLUS Server for future connections? Thanks!

To blank out everything outside a segment, install SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension, then use “Mask volume” effect.

If you attach a position tracker to the ultrasound probe (can be as simple as a webcam if you don’t require high accuracy) then you can set up real-time tracked image acquisition as shown in the youtube video that you referenced above.

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Mask Volume works perfectly! Thanks.

Now I can set a better ROI at the ultrasound image and then apply Mask Volume to get rid of the numbers.

So now, once I have created this “Crop Volume ROI” , is there anyway to save together with the mask, and load it again? Because I have been trying to export it as a .acsv but I don’t know how to get it back in when I reset slicer.

Also, it could be good to remove those black corners, to just display the ultrasound image. Because if I reduce the ROI I’ll be missing information.

I’ll do the real-time tracked next weekend with a tracker (I’ll have to make the ImageToProbe transformation), now I just want to make sure that I’m able to display the ultrasound image in the best way.

Thanks again for the response :slight_smile: There is a lot of documentation and tutorials, but sometimes I can’t find the proper ones for my purposes.

If you only need the mask for real-time display then it’s even simpler: create a mask image, enable thresholding in Volumes module, and set up slice viewer layers to use the mask image as background and the ultrasound image as foreground image.

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Works, clean solution! Thanks :smiley:

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