Mask volume multilabel

Hi all,

I’ve working recently with Mask Volume from Segment Editor, is a very usefull tool in terms of image segmentation. However, it only works with binary labels. It would be possible to add a multilabel option?

I mean, if we have 2 segments and I want pixels of segment 1 to have value 5 and pixels of segment 2 to have value 10 and create a new volume with that information.

Maybe export the sehmentation as a labelmap and edit the numpy array affter

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Thanks, it works! Now I have pixel_value = 1 for segment_1 and pixel_value = 2 for segment_2. Are these values always generated depending on the order of the segments in the segmentation?

Do you know if I can choose the pixel value in advance?

I believe you can.

Please explore the segmenetations module

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You can specify what label value you want to use for each segment by using a color table.

Color is found by matching the segment name to the color name. The assigned label value is the color’s index in the table.