Matlab Functions for Interacting with Slicer Data?

Are there any existing collections of functions developed for Matlab that allow data saved from Slicer (e.g. markups fiducial, affine transforms, etc.) to be loaded in/out of Matlab?
I’m aware of the Matlab Bridge extension of course, but rather something where the connection is not “live”. For instance, loading a .fcsv file created by Slicer into Matlab for analysis or writing points calculated in Matlab to a .fcsv file to be visualized using Slicer.

I found myself writing some simple MATLAB code to do this and thought I might check,

  1. Does something like this already exist? and
  2. If it doesn’t and I made something like it, would others find it useful?

Thanks in advance for your help!

MatlabBridge has all the reader and writer functions for reading images, transforms, models, fiducials, etc. You can use them interactively through MatlabBridge in Slicer; or just use them independently from Slicer, in any Matlab project:

Let me know if you developed any additional reader/writer that is not there yet, we can add them, too.